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Season 2 When all is begin PART 1

Author: @Athiyaalmas and @RekinDria

Title: {Chaptered} Season 2 When all is begin PART 1 [Hanyoung’s Side]

Cast: Choi Sooyoung and Hangeng

Other cast: Find by your self ^^

Ps: DI SEASON 2 INI ADALAH FF DUET TILL THE END di ff kali ini gak ada pov nya mungkin Cuma ada ‘side’ mianhae (kalau tulisan bold berarti itu telepati, soalnya ini flashback makanya italic semua)

Genre: Romantic, friendship, Horror/ thriller

Rating: PG-15 (sebenarnya NC tapi saeng saya *baca @Athiyaalma gak setuju #pletak*

Desclaimer: All cast belong to their self and god. We just imagine it. So, don’t take it seriously.

Warning: Don’t be plagiator and siders. Hormatilah Kami dengan memberikan respon yang baik ^^ Read the rest of this entry


Confidential Marriage [Part 5]

Title                 : Confidential Marriage [Part 5]

Author             : YeonNia

Type                : Series

Rating              : PG-15

Genre              : Romance, and you may find yourself

Main Cast        :

Choi Minho

Park Ji Yeon

Support Cast   :

Choi Family (Choi Siwon, Im (Choi) YoonA, Choi Sooyoung, Choi Sully)

Park Family (Park Jung Soo, Kim (Park) Tae Hee, Park Ji Seob)

Lee Ji Eun (IU)

Park Sun Young (Luna Fx)

Bae Sue Ji (Suzy Miss A)

and you may find yourself

Backsound Song : On/Off – Ein No Setsuna, A Pink – I Don’t Know

Poster by Me

Happy Reading…..

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